Ticks ControlTicks are bug like insects that vary in colour from dark brown to brownish red. Themost common ticks that poise problem are deer tick, American dog tick, blacklegged tick etc. These are mostly found near green vegetative areas. Ticks also live on hosts such as birds, mammals, reptiles etc. They feed on blood of the hosts and hence are of danger to human beings. Ticks bite badly and cause pain too. They bite human beings as well as domestic animals and livestock.

Ticks may invade your house by hitching on the bodies of pet animals or by clinging to the clothing of human beings as well. Hence, it is always advised to check your pets and children for ticks on their bodies often. In this way you can make sure that there are no ticks. Ticks will stay in your home and cause problem if they find suitable tick hosts there. Care must be taken while removing ticks else it may get problematic. The bite of ticks is dangerous as they may carry bacteria. So, you must try to use forceps to remove ticks one by one. Also, make sure that you don’t crush them while removing from the host body as it may further aggravate the situation.

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