Termites, also known as white ants, are a type of insects that are of the greatest danger to wood or timber assets. They resemble like ants but are not one of them. Whether it’s a furniture or any other wooden building block, these eusocial insects eat away and destroy the bodies. You must be careful about your wooden stuff if you see any such insects in or around your house. Otherwise, it will get difficult to get away from the invasion of termites into your possession.

These ants work non-stop day and night. They don’t rest anytime. Termites can be called as vampires for timber blocks. And, it is said that they live long lives of 15 to 20 years sometimes. If by any chance a wooden material is caught by termites, it is not left until completely finished. It is important to take care of wooden furniture from termites. Else, you will end up losing the whole wooden material in your house or office.

The best way to stay protected from termites is by breaking the contact between the wood part from ground or soil. Only then you will be able to treat it from the roots. There are countless species of termites across the world and each type needs to be treated by specific kind of pesticide to get best results. We use special type of environment friendly pesticides and medicines to kill a specific type of insect. To get our termite control services, give us a call today!