Silver FishSilver Fish are approximately 1 cm to 2 cm in length and grey to silver in colour. They are capable of living in all seasons. Most often, these tiny insects or pests are seen in dark places such as basements, kitchens and washrooms. They get attracted to damp regions and stuffs. You can easily find them in garages and similar shady spaces. The most common food on which they feed are sugars and carbohydrates. These pests are also seen in food packets.

If you have old books, then you can probably find these insects in the bindings or glue of the books. Silverfish grow and multiply very rapidly and are known for their destructive habits. The common harms they do is ruining papers, books and fabrics. They live in dark and damp regions having paper and linen stuff around. So, if you want to avoid having silver fish in your home or office, it is best to avoid humidity or damp space. You can use pesticides or traps to kill these pests but you cannot end them completely.

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