VIZ Pest Controlis known for its exceptional residential pest control services. We offer well managed pest protection services for your home and surroundings. We charge affordable costs for our pest control services and guarantee you relief from pests.

Annual Pest Control Contracts:

At Viz Pest Control, we do sign yearly contracts for round the year pest services as well.We give scheduled visits to people’s residences and immunise their houses as per contracts. And, if you find pest re-attack your home in between the scheduled visits, you can give us a call. And, we will vaccinate your house without any additional costs. You can also contact us for pest control services anytime during a year.

Seasonal Pests:

If your house is not prone to such pest attacks, or you find any seasonal insects and pests attack such as in rainy season. Then, we also offer one time services in which we visit the given address once and treat it with anti-pest processes. We make sure that our pest control services are such that you don’t need to give us a second call.

Eco-friendly chemicals:

We take special care about people’s safety first. We ensure that all our insecticides and pesticides are herbal and eco-friendly. We avoid any kind of harmful chemicals that may prove to be dangerous in any way. This helps us in accomplishing the immunization tasks without having to make you vacate your premises for a longer time. Enjoy a pest free house with Viz Pest Control services.