Rats ControlIs there any home that is not troubled by rats? We know how these tiny animals cause havoc in residences and work places equally. Be it a new piece of cloth or an extremely important file, they treat them equally. Just destroying stuffs by cutting them down to pieces is their solo goal. How much careful you be, they always find a loop hole to enter and destroy your important things. The sharp edges of their teeth are efficient enough to bite everything down to rubbish trash. In addition, these animals are also famous for spreading diseases.

Now on hearing about rats, you don’t need to panic anymore. We have some effective techniques to help you get rid of these rodents. We use special tools and methods to trap rats from your house and hand over a rat-free space to live and work. We use the following ways to catch hold of rats and clear them off:

  1. Sticky glue boards to catch them
  2. Net traps to capture them and kill them
  3. Herbal pesticides mixed with some tempting food for rats

We advise our clients not to touch the glue pads or play with the net traps and baits. Otherwise they may get into problem and it will be difficult to set their hands free.

After taking all these steps and capturing all rats hidden in your house or office, we try to seal every unwanted hole and cracks in order to prevent them entering your boundary again. Give us a call and get our skilled workforce to help you from rats.