Moths ControlMoths may not cause serious health issues, but there are many species of moths that may be of danger. Moths may resemble like butterflies but they differ in their antennae pattern. The moths found in homes poise danger because they feed on natural materials. This is why people avoid having moths at homes and offices. Getting an efficient pest control service can resolve this issue by destroying all moths present and also preventing their re-occurrence.

If you think you can get rid of moths on your own, then you must know that they lay eggs. And, it is very easy for them to re-occur back in your home. Then, their larvae will grow and poise harm to your natural fabrics. They eat silk and woollen stuffs. The larvae of moths are usually harmful for your home. They damage clothes, textiles, furnishings, and stored items. If you home or work place is attacked by moths, then your stuffs like carpets, fabrics, leather items, and clothes are at risk. They will destroy the things badly.

The caterpillars of moths have the ability to eat the protein or keratin present in naturally occurring materials such as leather, fur, wool, and cotton. This is why the delicate things are at risk. Hence, if you get to see holes in your woollen sweater or leather bag, you might be having moths.We, at VIZ Pest Control, have different pest control programs designed for various needs. You can get customised services by calling us for an appointment.