Mosquito ControlMosquitos are the most common insects that easily breed everywhere and are one of the greatest disease causing organisms. Serious diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, zika fever etc. It is very essential to keep yourself and your loved ones protected from mosquitos. Because, these diseases easily spread from one to another by just a single bite. Contact Viz Pest Control and stay safe by eradicating mosquitoes from your area.

We have in depth knowledge and skills in dealing with pests and insects of any type. With our years of experience, we have attained expertise in treating even the deadliest pests that guarantees yourhealth and safety. We have been serving clients from different domains such as healthcare facilities, offices, hotels, and other industries. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, then give us a call and we will reach you immediately to survey your area.

At Viz Pest Control, first of all we perform a thorough inspection to identify the mosquito breeding sites in your and around your property. Then, we prepare an analysis report according to which we scheduled the pest control program.This ensures that the insect is driven away completely from your area.

What procedures we perform:

  • We strive our best to destroy the mosquito larvae by spraying pesticides in the drains and similar areas
  • We carry out pesticide misting treatment in the breeding sites
  • Also, we remove the harmful herbs that attract mosquitoes and other pests.

We do all these activities abiding all the pest control rules and norms. The pesticides that are used at VIZ Pest Control are environment friendly and not harmful for human beings.