Cricket ControlCrickets are one of the most irritating pests that cause nuisance especially during winter nights. These will hide themselves in the corners and shades during the winter season and infest your house whenever possible. They also lay eggs during the winter months in warm and cosy corners of homes and cause problem all over. People usually face problems during early winters when the outside temperature starts to fall. Later while summer begins, these pests hatch their eggs and young crickets start becoming active slowly.

Crickets can be of many types. To name a few, you may see house crickets, camel crickets, field crickets, etc. It is important to know that house crickets are the ones that inhabit the residential homes. The yellowish brown nocturnal creatures can jump from anywhere with their tiny wings. They may fall on your food or jump on your eyes. Also, they create a non-stop shrilling noise that is quite annoying at nights. This shrilling sound usually disturbs people in their sleep.

If you too are experiencing problem of cricket infestation, then you must take care to drive them away from your house and garden. Though it is not easy to get away from them in open areas yet, special measures can be taken to stay protected. You may call us to avail our customised pest control services that are done specific to the type of pest. This helps us in giving more results oriented services. We charge a nominal fee and offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly pest control services. You may pick a plan as per your need.