Cockroaches are one the most hated creatures in houses and other places too. These are typically found in kitchens and toilets. They seem to originate in various places such as grocery bags, sinks, toilets, drainage pipes, etc. But, once they start moving, they run over almost everycorner of the house. Cockroaches are also one of the most common causes of spreading diseases from one to another. If by chance, food is left uncovered anywhere then these cockroaches scatter the disease causing organisms over it by moving around.

The irritating creatures are remarkably prolific breeders too. They are capable of producing many thousands of offspring every year. So, one cockroach is enough to create a full generation of cockroaches into your house. One must be very alert right from the beginning and try to kill them before they begin to multiply and spread to every corner of your space. They eat all sorts of food, especially rotten ones. Hence, it is important to keep the dustbins covered and throw the household garbage at its designated place only. Else, diseases like salmonella and gastroenteritis may spread from them. Some cockroaches may also be the reason for allergies.

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