CLEANING SERVICES FOR HOME & OFFICEIn addition to a wide range of effective pest control services, we also offer cleaning services for homes and offices. You must have heard of the quote that goes as “Prevention is better than cure”. Same is true in case of cleaning and maintenance services. If you want to stay safe and not infested by pests then it is always better to have a clean and tidy environment around us. If your place is regularly cleaned, vaccinated and taken care of, then pests will not get a scope to enter your vicinity. Cleaning is the first and foremost measure to avoid pests invading your house or work place.

We offer best in class cleaning services that include:

  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Sofa and furniture cleaning
  • Home furnishings cleaning
  • Complete cleaning

We use trained team to perform these tasks. The detergents and disinfectants used by us are of best quality which are safe and specialised. We follow all the standard norms and regulations while accomplishing any task. Also, our executives are cordial and interact in a professional manner to understand your requirements and offer you the best service.

VIZ Pest Control offers home and office cleaning services at most competitive prices. You can customize the services you want and pick a plan as per your requirement. We believe in making our clients happy is the most important tip to succeed. This is what drives us to serve our clients in the best way. You can call us and discuss your requirement with our executive. We would be more than happy to associate with you and serve you.