Carpet BeetleCarpet beetles are usually very tiny creatures and difficult to find out. Also, their body colour is so dull that it matches with the colour of the carpets most of the time. The adult carpet beetles live on pollen of flowers. But, the dangerous one the larvae. They feed on a variety untidy materials such as dead animals, hair, carcasses, and stored food grains. They can also infect the processed foods by leaving disease causing germs on them. It is essential to be aware of carpet beetles and stay safe from them.

These creatures are also nocturnal in nature. They become more active during the nights due to light. The carpet beetles can make holes by chewing in the infested surfaces or items. And, while doing so they will leave their shed skins behind them. They can create holes and damages in the carpets in severe cases. Also, they bite very badly and cause pain and swellings.

Theylive under floor tiles, furniture, inside air ducts, etc. The carpet beetle larvae usually damage clothes, furnishings, carpets and other items. Theyfeed on natural fibres, so these are of more danger. They scavenge for food in dark places, hence they usually go unnoticed until spread largely.The carpet beetle larvae also feed on animal bodies and stuffs like fur, silk, woollen fabricsetc. This is why they affect household materials first. Get free from carpet beetles by having a complete pest control service for your home at least once a year.

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